We wish to challenge beliefs and boundaries of creativity.

“Genuine insights are the building blocks for our creativity. Starting with consumer insights, we build strong creative concepts that are aligned with the overall strategy and idea behind the brand”.

Our work is founded on the unique insights in young adults. These insights are the result of extensive research conducted via our WT&R.

The Wonderland agency has grown organically from our commitment to the creative community. Since 2005 we have invested ourselves in the community focusing on young target audiences with an award winning magazine (Wonderland Magazine 2006-2009) and an award winning gallery and event space (WAS Wonderland Art Space 2008-2011). This approach has established Wonderland as a brand of it’s own, as well as provided us with in-depth knowledge into all areas of youth culture.

Since 2005 our focus has been to develop strong relations between brands and their target audiences. Today we cover every central part of the communication, from concept over strategy to design and activation.

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Our approach.

We have dedicated ourselves to integrate strategy and creative ideas for brands targeting young adults – Yoads.
We believe that insights are key to successful communication. Therefore genuine insights are the building blocks for our creativity.
We collect and translate these insights through our knowledge lab WT&R – Wonderland Trends and Research.

At Wonderland we use almost exclusively freelance creatives.
For us this makes the most sense and it gives us the opportunity to always work with the best in the field for each individual task we take on.

Beside the agency professionals we draw from the knowledge and input from a large network of innovative and creative opinion makers and shapers like: artists, anthropologists, tech wizards, musicians, photographers and designers to name a few.

Wonderland was founded in 2005 by business partners Sophie Hardinger and Simon Nygaard.

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How we work (Wonderland Workbox)

At Wonderland we cover all areas from strategy to creativity to activation.

Concept: Idea that dictates the strategy for the creative solution

Campaign Strategy: Timing, media and project planning

Identity & Design: Brand identity and visual communication

Activation: Experience, promotion and events