Operation Dagsværk

Create a concept to be rolled out on a variety of campaign elements, incl. an overall visual identity.


Posters, educational material for all Danish high schools (for both teachers and students), web design, postcards, merchandise, flyers, web banners, adverts, and merchandise.


To create a campaign that encouraged Danish high school students to sign up for the annual Operation Dagsværk day and give 1 days labour in favour of this year’s focus – democracy and human rights in Iraq.


For the graphic identity we designed a new font with references to the ancient Arabic script. The font was a fundamental element of the whole campaign identity.

The main campaign elements, targeted the audience through look-a-like movie posters and trailers for “Mission Possible”. In the videos, the starring roles are young Iraqis and their “mission” is a call-to-action for involvement.

We founded the concept on cinematic imagery and wording to tap into a visual framework that the target group would identify with and find appealing to be a part of – be a part of the Iraqi youth’s mission.


  • Operation Dagsværk


  • Concept
  • Design
  • Campaign


  • April - November 2012